Rapunzel Prints

The Enchantress with the Baby Rapunzel






From a portfolio numbered 49/100

Unsigned on print but signed on final page. A copy of which can be provided.

Sheet size: 44.5x31cm

Image size: 26.7x25.5cm

Condition: Fine


The portfolio was printed in an edition of 100 with 15 artist’s proofs. Each Fairy Tale is bound separately as a concertina fold of text and images (laporetto) and signed and numbered by the artist on the final page.


Hockney had already made etchings based on the Rumpelstilzchen story in 1961 and again in 1962, and for the new series he planned to illustrate twelve of the tales, but finally settled on just six titles: The Little Sea Hare, Fundevogel, Rapunzel, The Boy who left Home to learn Fear, Old Rink Rank, and Rumpelstilzchen.




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The Enchantress with the Baby Rapunzel, Rapunzel Prints, David Hockney, Artist’s print, 1969. Portfolio 67/100. Unsigned on print but signed on

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