Just at this moment, somehow or other, they began to run, Peter Blake, Signed artist’s proof.

Signed artist’s proof

‘Just at this moment, somehow or other, they began to run’





Published: 1970, signed artist’s proof

Edition size: 100

Sheet size: 65.5 x 50.5cm

Image size: 18.1 x 24.5cm

Condition: Fine


An artist’s proof of one of the series of eight silkscreen prints by Sir Peter Blake featuring the adventures of Alice in Wonderland.


These screenprints were created during Blake’s ruralist phase that extended from 1969–79, when he lived near Bath. In them he epitomizes the philosophy of the Brotherhood of Ruralists which aimed to continue the tradition of English painting as shown in the works of Samuel Palmer and Stanley Spencer and the quintessential Englishness in the writings of Thomas Hardy, music of Elgar and village sports like cricket.


As Blake himself put it ‘Our aims are to paint about love, beauty, joy, sentiment and magic.
We still believe in painting with oil paint on canvas, putting the picture in the frame and hopefully, that someone will like it, buy it and hang it on their wall to enjoy it.’


This series is a vivid artistic reflection of Blake’s romanticism and nostalgia rendered in the metaphor of childhood innocence and memories.



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