Jazz by Henri Matisse comprises a set of 20 colour stencils and over 70 pages of calligraphic writing. Jazz was pivotal in Matisse’s transition from oil painting to the cut-out collages that dominated the last decade of his life. To create these works, Matisse cut forms out of large sheets of paper previously painted with gouache by his assistants. The cut-outs were then assembled on the wall of Matisse’s studio, under his direction.


The compositions selected for Jazz were entrusted to the colour specialist Edmond Vairel to be turned into stencils. These were then printed with the same vivid gouaches used by Matisse. The cover and text pages were printed separately by Draeger Frères in Paris. Jazz was published by Tériade in an edition of 250.


The book’s title evokes the idea of a musical structure of rhythm and repetition, expressed through the handwritten text, which is broken by the explosive improvisations of the colour plates. Matisse’s subjects are taken largely from the circus, mythology and memories of his travels. They represent either isolated figures or paired forms that suggest a dialogue between artist and model. Despite the vivid colours and folkloric themes, few of the plates are actually cheerful. Several are among Matisse’s most ominous images.

Lithograph after cut out

Le Toboggan



Published by: Editions Anthese, Paris

Print size: 38 x 28.5cm

Unsigned/Signed: Unsigned

Condition: Fine

Printed by: Idem-Mourlot, Paris


The first edition of the book JAZZ dated 1947 by the Editions Teriade was engraved and printed by the Draeger brothers.


This portfolio was printed by Mourlot, the great Parisian lithographers under the direction of Claude Draeger and Mario Ferrreri. (Nicolas Draeger, Head of the Anthese Editions, descendant of the prestigious family of printers Draeger, founders of the printing offices of Draeger Brothers in 1877).


The edition size is 1500 and these prints come from portfolio number 169. This is the first edition printed in 2004 and is the finest boxed set never edited since the original edition of 1947. The intensity of colour is stunning.



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henri matisse

Henri Matisse :: Le Toboggan :: Jazz Series 2004

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